The harsh reality is actually doing it is the only way to write. We all make excuses: too busy, interruptions, events getting in the way, can’t get started, but writing has to be high priority to work.

Like everyone else, I have days when I should be writing but instead do other things. Days pass when I have done nothing much at all on the projects I really care about, spending time instead on the ones that seem more pressing but easier. On those days, I rarely feel good about my output!

My top three tips would be:

  1. Write (something) every day.
  2. Write freely as if only you will read it.
  3. Then rework/edit like crazy, cut it right down, remove the chaff.

If you are writing and something isn’t working have the courage to face facts, rewrite, bin it and start again if necessary. Nothing is sacred.

Find out about using characters in your writing by clicking the link below:

Characters in writing



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