Which season?

Had a little chat about the seasons yesterday, how autumn kills the summer with ‘the softest kiss’. Not my words, far too evocative and poetic, but apt. Autumn is beautiful, despite working towards death, as the leaves speed towards their fall. For many, autumn is their favourite season, a time to hunker down and recalibrate, […]

Writing groups return

It’s autumn when the visitors have largely gone and the schools are back. So, it’s time for writing groups to add excitement and learning to the shorter days. Returners writing groups are Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10am – 12 noon Beginners Wednesday mornings 10am -12 noon Therapeutic Monday afternoons 1pm-3pm Sessions cost £10, but when […]

The Full Monty

Virtually everyone has seen The 1997 film, The Full Monty, a tale of six unemployed steel workers from Sheffield who form a male strip act to make money. Unlike the Chippendales, however, these ordinary guys have to go all the way to get their audience. It was different again seeing this ‘crisis of masculinity’ film […]

Karen’s book is published…

Local artist, Karen Thomas, is not a one for bragging but I seriously think she would be excused if she did, given the stunningly professional nature of her new book, A Passion for Watercolour. Karen, who lives in Bridgerule in becoming increasingly well-known for her contemporary watercolour paintings, especially of animals. Her award-winning work is exhibited at art […]