Cheesy? Slightly, but feel good, too! Review of Andre Rieu’s New Year Concert, Sydney

Popped along to my local cinema today to see Andre Rieu’s concert from Sydney. I’ve seen his Maastricht concerts advertised before, and they looked a tad cheesy, but fancying some Sydney nostalgia, I bought my ticket some weeks ago and attended a packed Rebel Cinema in Bude for the event. I never mind admitting if […]

Review: Did I Mention I Won the Lottery?

This Kindle ebook by Julie Butterfield is an easy read, apart from occasional glaring proofreading mistakes which irritated me a little, and some Good Read reviewers a good deal. The storyline is quite simple, with two key characters, downtrodden wife, Rebecca and her husband, Daniel, who is, shall we say, overly assertive, rather abusive and […]

Review: T. E. Lawrence Tormented Hero

The only things I knew (prior to reading this book) about Lawrence of Arabia were that he was a soldier in the Arab Campaign during World War I and that there is a Peter O’Toole film about him. There is also a copy of his book The Seven Pillars of Wisdom on the family bookshelves.  Yes, […]

The Cornish Retribution – review

By Amanda James, A Cornish Retribution was an introductory free Kindle Unlimited title I could reach the end of. So many I can’t. Genre? It is ‘domestic noir’ or ‘psychological fiction’, call it what you will, but it is not too terrifying, so that suited me. Samantha, the protagonist, is something like a Joanna Trollope-style heroine, starting […]

Review: Henry Marsh’s brain surgery books

As a reader, I have eclectic tastes. At Fowey book festival, Henry Marsh’s book on neurosurgery, Do No Harm, was a recommended read, so I tried it. At first sight, tales of brain surgery may not seem terribly inspiring, but the surgeon, Henry, who at times had a difficult relationship with his brilliant father (who […]