Writing groups return

It’s autumn when the visitors have largely gone and the schools are back. So, it’s time for writing groups to add excitement and learning to the shorter days. Returners writing groups are Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10am – 12 noon Beginners Wednesday mornings 10am -12 noon Therapeutic Monday afternoons 1pm-3pm Sessions cost £10, but when […]

The Full Monty

Virtually everyone has seen The 1997 film, The Full Monty, a tale of six unemployed steel workers from Sheffield who form a male strip act to make money. Unlike the Chippendales, however, these ordinary guys have to go all the way to get their audience. It was different again seeing this ‘crisis of masculinity’ film […]

Review: He Said, She Said – Erin Kelly

A book about an eclipse-chaser is a new one on me. I learned a lot, but Erin Kelly’s novel irritated some readers due to its alternating points of view. I rather like this as a technique for it creates a pacy read which I enjoy.  Pleased to have worked out the plot before the end […]

It’s all in the letters …

I recently visited Hatfield House, built by the 1st Earl of Salisbury, Robert Cecil, Chief Minister to James I. It is a wonderful Jacobean building, complete with a modern artwork, Renaissance, rather incongruously sited before it. Of course, as a Tudor aficionado, I find the time period prior to Stuarts much more interesting. The earlier […]

Visiting Shaw’s house

There is always something fascinating about seeing where noteworthy writers crafted their works, so a visit to the home of George Bernard Shaw (GBS), winner of a Nobel Prize (1925) and an Oscar, neither of which he thought much of, gave me fresh insights into the man whose works I studied at school. What I […]

Karen’s book is published…

Local artist, Karen Thomas, is not a one for bragging but I seriously think she would be excused if she did, given the stunningly professional nature of her new book, A Passion for Watercolour. Karen, who lives in Bridgerule in becoming increasingly well-known for her contemporary watercolour paintings, especially of animals. Her award-winning work is exhibited at art […]

Damnable Dementia

Here’s one written when my mother was still alive…the experience I describe here became a distant memory as my mother’s vascular dementia progressed. Dementia was a demon who created a woman I disliked, dreaded seeing, but felt duty bound to so do, who had me in frequent tears with her downright nastiness, but later it […]

Loving Leuven

Sometimes you simply need to go with the flow. I saw Leuven in a holiday ad in The Guardian. Struck by the utterly beautiful buildings, with their peculiarly Flemish roof facades, I parked it as a place to visit, mentioning it in passing to my offspring who were as keen as me to see it. […]

Is Ecofeminism Dead in the Water?

I live by the sea. While much else that floats around our shores is dead or inanimate, ecofeminism should be alive and kicking. Why? Largely because women’s lives are especially adversely affected by environmental pollution caused by (usually) male-dominated corporations.  However, while I see plenty of beach-side activism, women do not seem to be linking […]