Another nice mess …

Watching the melancholy film Stan and Ollie, well acted but sad made me realise how little I know about the men whose old films made me laugh so much as a child. They were favourites of my Dad, and I played them to my own children, so influential were they. The film focused on the […]

Review: The Diary of a Bookseller

One consequence of my reading this book is that I now follow the bookshop Facebook page. Another is that I’ve thought long and hard about my love affair with Amazon, and how it is helping to kill off small independent bookshops. It’s a difficult quandary because Amazon is so darned cheap and also so easy, […]

Feeding back on someone’s writing

Giving a view on someone’s writing is not the stuff of PhDs, yet poor quality feedback can devastate and destroy a person’s confidence in their creativity. Conversely, undeserved positive feedback does no one any good, either. If people constantly tell you your work is good but it doesn’t sell, then it is lacking. If a […]

Review: Neurotribes – Steve Silberman

This was a substantial read, and at times a meandering journey, but for someone interested in neurodiversity (a fairly modern phrase) it is an important history of autism and a reminder that neurodiverse people are about as different to each other as neurotypical people, if not more so. There is no ‘typical’ autistic person. Rainman […]