This Kindle ebook by Julie Butterfield is an easy read, apart from occasional glaring proofreading mistakes which irritated me a little, and some Good Read reviewers a good deal.

The storyline is quite simple, with two key characters, downtrodden wife, Rebecca and her husband, Daniel, who is, shall we say, overly assertive, rather abusive and unpleasant to live with.

It’s really something of a morality tale. What happens when you win a large amount of money? Who do you tell, and why? Can relationships survive it? What happens to people when they feel guilty? How long does it take a rich woman to assert herself?

Underlying all this is a subplot of the kind of family issues people struggle with daily, of a forced move for Rebecca from Leeds to Darlington with her husband’s work, a mother in a failing care home, grown up children in need of cash help, and friendships. Of course, there is a plot twist near the end, and the outcome seems the right one.

It is not literary fiction, it is a feel good story about shopping, and living the millionaire lifestyle in secret, the kind of read that doesn’t require thinking, light relief from the other book I am concurrently reading. It is not about anything too testing, rather how money per se cannot make you happy but offers chances that can lead you in the right direction.

Other reviews vary from those who simply enjoyed a lighthearted read, to others who found Rebecca’s lack of action frustrating, her husband and abusive oaf, and the plot line laboriously slow. It felt to me rather unedited, so a decent enough story which could have been drastically cut.

It did make me daydream of how I would respond if I won fifteen million.

How would you?


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