Trying something a little new, which is to choose at random a writing meme and say something about it. So, here goes. Wish I could just talk through it, really … 

Ok, well this baby is obviously about editing, which just goes to show that you can spend hours on something making it perfect one day, then the following day it no longer fits. 

If this happens to you, my advice would be that whatever you are saying needs rewriting (or even leaving out) because if it fits one day and not the next, like a new garment which is straining as you move, it is the kind of wordage that will sit in your literary wardrobe and never be used until one day you bin it (or maybe recycle it elsewhere). You will keep revisiting it, and trying it for size but you will not be happy with it unless something radically changes, like you are writing a whole new article/story.

So, if you think up a paragraph or phrase which doesn’t quite fit, keep it in a folder of future possibles and maybe it will fit someone or somewhere else. Move on, and find words which do the job. 

If anyone wants to send me a writing meme for my pontifications, then feel free. 


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