As we come to the end of another year of writing groups, I need to give out some thanks. 

First of all to those students who have been ‘clockwork-committed’ in their endeavours and attendance. It is easy for life to get in the way, but a writer has to write. There is no choice. Those who make the effort to attend sessions will, I believe, have the willingness to learn and the tenacity to succeed. 

Susie, budding novelist 

Secondly, to Lynne Holehouse for the use of her studio space in Bude. It’s been a simply wonderful place for me to write my own forthcoming book, but also to hold group writing sessions. Our last session there was tinged with sadness but the studio can now become an art paradise as it richly deserves. Let the smell of oils linger.

The lovely Lynne

Finally, to those who came and tried the groups but were thwarted by illness and disability, family issues and other events beyond their control.

Some were simply brave enough to realise that writing is not for them, at least not at a regular level, and not in a group setting. Writing is a huge commitment and while anyone can learn it, not everyone can do it! 

Others felt they had what they needed to work by themselves which is the ultimate aim. I wish them well with potential publication.  

Each and every person involved in the groups has contributed and hopefully learned from each other and a little from my teaching, facilitating and guidance.

It is rewarding to see people fly, to see how much creative work has actually been completed/tackled, so I’ve very much enjoyed working with these amazing people who all have their own backstories making them the writers they are. They have overcome many difficulties and blockages on their road to wordsmithery.

Including the camera shy …

2019 I hope will see more writing group gatherings but things evolve, people move on, and development occurs at different rates.

The teacher within needs to find some way of offering something different. I’m hoping for inspiration. 


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