Review: Did I Mention I Won the Lottery?

This Kindle ebook by Julie Butterfield is an easy read, apart from occasional glaring proofreading mistakes which irritated me a little, and some Good Read reviewers a good deal. The storyline is quite simple, with two key characters, downtrodden wife, Rebecca and her husband, Daniel, who is, shall we say, overly assertive, rather abusive and […]

A little Hartland history …

This info comes from a slender pamphlet called “Farthest From Railways: An Unknown Corner of Devon” by R. Pearse Chope, originally written in 1934. It seems Hartland Parish, despite being one of the largest in Devon, amounting to 17,000 acres in size, is too hilly for a cricket ground, is bounded by the Atlantic (already knew that […]

Paddy Ashdown.

It is always sad to hear of the death of someone people respect, and more so someone you have met. Paddy had bladder cancer diagnosed in October, I believe, so his illness was short but devastating in its impact. I’m not a Liberal Democrat by nature but I did meet Paddy Ashdown a couple of […]

Random writing advice 1

Trying something a little new, which is to choose at random a writing meme and say something about it. So, here goes. Wish I could just talk through it, really …  Ok, well this baby is obviously about editing, which just goes to show that you can spend hours on something making it perfect one […]