Sure, we all make occasional errors, usually typos, when tapping away on phones or tablets using ‘auto-correct’.

However, if you are making lots of regular writing errors, it soon becomes embarrassing for the adult you. Your grammar lessons at school were probably boring and incomprehensible (mine were) but you only need to know rudimentary punctuation and spelling/sentence structure to make your writing so much better, whether for job applications/CVs/personal statements or for blogging/websites/creative writing.

In a world where many people fail to punctuate, where do you go for help? Well, you can come to me. You will use material pertinent/relevant to you, and learn little tricks like ‘breathing through a comma’. If you want to work through your own material we can improve and correct it together.

Writing accurate English is something fundamental which will make your life so much better/easier.

Basic English is not rocket science, but it does need you to move on from the old school mindset to open your mind to new thinking. All that’s required is a ‘can do’ attitude.

Sessions are £15 for an hour of 1-1 work with you which we will discuss/agree in advance. Your confidence will soar.

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