Review: He Said, She Said – Erin Kelly

A book about an eclipse-chaser is a new one on me. I learned a lot, but Erin Kelly’s novel irritated some readers due to its alternating points of view. I rather like this as a technique for it creates a pacy read which I enjoy.  Pleased to have worked out the plot before the end […]

It’s all in the letters …

I recently visited Hatfield House, built by the 1st Earl of Salisbury, Robert Cecil, Chief Minister to James I. It is a wonderful Jacobean building, complete with a modern artwork, Renaissance, rather incongruously sited before it. Of course, as a Tudor aficionado, I find the time period prior to Stuarts much more interesting. The earlier […]

Visiting Shaw’s house

There is always something fascinating about seeing where noteworthy writers crafted their works, so a visit to the home of George Bernard Shaw (GBS), winner of a Nobel Prize (1925) and an Oscar, neither of which he thought much of, gave me fresh insights into the man whose works I studied at school. What I […]