Sitting at my desk, I was unthinkingly enjoying a little Bach (Prelude no 1 in C Major if you really want to know), but the music has now moved on to Weissenberg Nocturne (thanks Spotify) with a plonky piano which proved distracting to the creative process. Agitatedly, I returned back to Bach.

This set me thinking about my book, but also the stories of my writing group students, and setting stories to music.

What would be the soundtrack of your novel/short story if it was a film? If you played this chosen soundtrack in the background during the writing process, would it help focus your mind?

Of course, this technique has been used in schools to encourage creativity in young children, but I’d be fascinated to know what works for you.

For me, I struggle to write when listening to music with lyrics. I can only tolerate instrumental background music when writing. The classics then come into their own.




Creative stuff!

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