Ditching the mobile. Could I?


Reading that Simon Cowell has ditched his phone for ten months and that it has improved his happiness and mental health made me wonder about my reliance on mine.

Part of me would love to ditch my phone, but could I? Would the world survive without me writing Bude & Beyond and spewing stuff out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Of course!  It would, but would I? Like most people, I use my mobile phone way too much and the video in this article tells us why.

To be honest, right now with a deadline to meet for my book, and constantly writing, seeking news, and sharing it, I am aware that I don’t spend much time doing things I should (and like), such as travelling, writing letters, and reading, or just sitting out in the sunshine without an iPad with stuff to edit.

Every so often I vow never to use social media again, apart from ‘work’, and therein lies the rub. ‘Work’ means writing (badly paid), and Bude & Beyond (not paid at all). I don’t really need to use a mobile for my (paid) business. Alas, I also use my phone as a camera. So, what to do? I have tried switching off notifications. I’ll do that again, as maybe that’s a start until I realise that the world does not actually need me as much as I like to think!


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