Unusual writing styles

A member of one of my writing groups lent me a book called Charlotte by David Foenkinos,  a tribute to a German-Jewish artist, Charlotte Saloman who, pregnant, died at Auschwitz in 1943.

Her history of persecution but also of familial suicide is overwhelming, but what is incredible for the reader is the way that Foenkinos turns each paragraph into a stanza, each sentence into a separate line. The story is powerful, but in some ways, nothing we have not heard before in tales from the Holocaust.

Its beauty is in the writing style. It is fictionalised, written as poetry. Therefore, it is extraordinarily concise, yet rich in detail.

Wonderful to read something written so differently, which reminds me of another book also with an unusual style, Red or Dead, in the format of ‘hypnotic repetition as mentioned in my previous blog post.



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