So now comes the hard slog…

I have pleasure in offering you a contract.

Followed by: We do our best to produce high-quality books, and we shall do just that with your book; a book which I hope you will be proud of.

Music to my ears.

Some people receive heartbreaking numbers of rejections, so to read the above in an electronic communication really was the knees of the bee, especially as it all happened so very quickly.

Think of those poor Brontë sisters waiting weeks for the post to arrive. Not in this digital world. Rejection or acceptance is as swift as a sword.

So, now comes the hard bit:

  1. Finish writing the book. I have a deadline.
  2. Edit the book, re-edit the book and edit it again and again until it feels right.
  3. Seek photos and permissions.
  4. Read publisher guidelines and adhere.
  5. Complete publisher questionnaire.

On it goes until it feels like getting a publisher is the easy part … but when it is a non-commissioned book, a book written simply because it needed writing, a book which is a part of my being with which I have bored all my friends (to whom apologies) I’m glowing, so I shall have my moment and bask before realising it is 23.13 and I am still tapping away!


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