Life writing – anyone wishing to learn?

Life Writing

Photo of actress Ellen Terry and friends including Pamela Colman Smith

If anyone is interested in life writing, I’d be keen to offer a group, as it is a particular interest of mine.

Do you have:

  • Secrets to tell?
  • Stories about your ancestors?
  • Events from the past you wish to explore?
  • A desire to tell your version of your life from your perspective?
  • Loss or experiences to deal with?
  • A fascination with a historical or public figure?
  • A love of writing?

Life-writing can be transformative.

It involves biography but it can also relate to the lives of objects and institutions or perhaps individuals, families and groups. So, autobiography, memoirs, letters, diaries, journals and oral accounts/interviews.

Can also cover issues suited to blogging or tale collection: birth, dementia, gender, conflict, family life, travel, etc.

If you have an idea you’d like to work on, please advise Dawn at and I’ll find a time/space to offer these sessions.


  • To encourage self-confidence in memoir and life writing and get you started on your quest.
  • To enable you to develop appropriate skills and practice to succeed.
  • To develop self-awareness and self-evaluation as a writer – make your words count.
  • To develop an awareness of any ethical issues.
  • To consolidate your learning with group feedback on yours and others’ writing

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