Writing is like giving birth!

Aside: men can still do this!

My friend who had written her first blog post in five months used this very phrase this morning, and she’s right. So, this one’s for her.

First, you conceive an idea which you tenderly and possessively incubate and nurture; every fibre of your being is relentlessly aware of the idea growing and developing; you are essential to its success.

Then, the day eventually arrives when your idea must make an entrance into the world. Usually, it is a natural process, but sometimes you need help from others, as in an assisted birth.

It can feel like a very slow process reaching the breakthrough moment.

Following the natural route, giving birth is a very individual experience, one of immense self-focus. Your entire being concentrates on pushing this baby out. Every fibre is wired to the task at hand. You know exactly what you need to do and only you have the strength and wherewithal to do it to your exacting requirements.

There will be tears…and mess!

People may make encouraging comments or mop your brow, feed you sips of water, or offer advice, but it really is all down to you. No one else can do it for you; the same goes for writing where, in fact, others can get in the way.

Yes, it helps to have lovely surroundings and a cheery band of followers, but they do not actually affect the end result.

It can feel like a long way to climb

That end result is, at that time, your only reason for being. This is exactly what being immersed in a book/writing project is like. It is not meant to be easy, but remember…

When writing, everyone else in the room is superfluous.

The end result is an achievement for life.

So, my advice is to write for yourself, not an audience.

Push out of your creative self what you want to say.

Forget the rest of the world. You can deal with them later.



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