Why Mummy Drinks – Gill Sims

downloadThis book was a smash with me – easy to read, unintellectual, just a great giggle.

Why Mummy Drinks, written by Gill Sims, is a hilarious tale of family feuds and fracas. It’s the perfect antidote to those perfect Facebook families, those featured in Christmas round-robins and, to use a Simsism, St John of Lewis adverts; those gorgeous, well-groomed children who love each other to bits rather than wanting to smash each other’s heads in, and of course, charmingly compatible partners with no horrible habits or irritating issues.

They are the stuff of inspirational ‘we’re so happy’ Pinterest photos: mother resembling a stick-thin supermodel, father handsome with all his own hair, siblings all smiley and spotless; clean car interiors, cushions in the bedroom (does anyone truly NOT throw them on the floor?), a dearth of dog hairs, and kitchens scrubbed to within an inch of their lives.

The book is a diarised novel about the dulled, dulling bits of marriage and family life, the mundane day-to-day drear, the parts only partly punctuated by getting plastered on the Prosecco. We all know them if we’re honest.

Gill Sims started out as a Scottish ‘Mummy blogger’ (that sounds a tad patronising, who thought that one up?) whose words are immediately relatable to other women, especially her constant refrain of FML. As you read it you are there with her sharing her stuck-up sister, her cantankerous children and her pug-ugly dog.

If mothers are honest, really honest, they really really do get hacked off with their spouses, their children, the dog, and even rank outsiders like the ‘school gate mothers’ – oh yes, and very definitely the in-laws.

Yet, seeking to impression manage, they paste posed pictures on social media purely for external consumption. Parental perfection perfected. They may even begin to believe their own hype…

Who I am.

Who I pretend I am.

Who you believe I am.

Give it a go; if you don’t mind some swearing (that’s the next book, by the way), I guarantee it will make you lol.






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