Cosmic Ordering

Once upon a time, I was told I should look into cosmic ordering.

So, I did…because I always do as I’m told. Ahem. Reality is I just like to learn stuff.

Cosmic Ordering…puts me in mind of the film Ruby Sparks, where a struggling novelist creates a fictional character (the girl of his dreams) who then is brought to life. Imagine! Your fictional characters becoming real.

Or even the White Lies song, Strangers.  A sense of making something you want/need  happen. To succeed, you need to understand your requirements/desires and order events/shape the world to achieve them. Arguably it is happening right now with the activism of the amazing plastics awareness movement in Bude (and farther afield). There’s a vision and it is backed by action. 

However, there is also an element of external force, a sense of the unknown, drawing upon the energy of the cosmos, to make it happen. Many of us believe is some kind of power/force…out there.

In the film, the author wants the girl of his dreams. He thus creates her through his writing, and brings her to life (mirroring cosmic ordering very nicely) but, later realises, perhaps, that it is not all about what he wants and that others’ needs play a part in social interactions. Doubt sets in; the order veers slightly haywire. It sums up beautifully where cosmic ordering is questionable, where, from my limited understanding, it falls down.

There is nothing social about it; it is a very individualistic approach to life, paying little attention to the constraints of social structure. All a bit me, me, me! 


What is cosmic ordering in ‘normal’ speak?

OK, so cosmic ordering is a form of positive thinking, goal setting, whereby you effectively write down a ‘wish list’ and it comes to fruition. Nothing wrong with that, per se. It reminds me of all these vision boards which are so popular. Visualise and it will happen! It is very proactive, not countenancing failure. Another way of looking at it pertains to the laws of attraction, the idea of like attracts like.

“If we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we will attract and create people, situations, and events which conform to our positive expectations.”

~ Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization

It’s a little like ‘magic’, abracadabra style, but relates more to attitude and positivity than anything too supernatural.

In a nutshell, if you have the right attitude and picture the positives, then that’s what you get. There is no place in this thinking for negativity or questioning, for cosmic ordering is based upon an almost blind faith that what you truly desire will come about. It differs from religion in the sense that there is no ultimate power, no god-like figure/s, to appeal to. It all comes from self, at one with nature, harnessing energy from the cosmos.


Sounds great. That’s easy then. Or is it?

It’s not that simple, of course, and therein lies the next problem.

The argument is that if you can’t hold that positive image and start thinking negatively, as in that will never happen, or I can’t have this or what if? then it won’t happen and you won’t get it.

Now that feels a little too convenient in explaining a theory failure, if I’m honest. If it doesn’t happen, it is entirely your own fault for not believing strongly enough. Hmn. Tell that to someone with a terminal illness who is desperate to survive. The very words battling cancer, for example, make it sound like there’s a choice. There really is not. 

It isn’t quite as simple as it looks, either, for keeping that positivity going 24/7 – never doubting success – is obviously difficult. Try asking those with fertility problems, marital problems, any problems…

Seemingly, if you get what you desire, then that is down to the energy of the cosmos, aided and abetted, it must be said, by your own positive thinking.

If you don’t, then that is down to your own negativity/ low-level belief. The cosmos takes your great idea and flings it back in your face if you are not positive enough. Well, sod off cosmos, eh? Oops, am getting negative.

So, the inconsistency seems to be that positive outcome is somehow structural but negative outcome is down to individual agency; the sociologist within tells me we can’t really have it both ways, for the concept is dichotomous.


Cosmic ordering or blind faith?

Cosmic ordering is a fascinating concept, which seems to require blind faith. There are no limits on what you ask for or desire because the cosmos is abundant. So, let’s face it, if you believe the sky is the limit, then the sky is where you will probably end up. If you believe that something is needed in your life and put in place strategies/steps to achieve it, then chances are it will happen, with or without the cosmos behind you. If, however, you believe something is pie in the sky, that’s where it will stay.

Such blind faith also requires proactivity/doing something to make it happen. As children, we are taught those good things come to those who wait, but actually, that is not the case. In the words of Josh Kumra, good things come to those who don’t wait. Good things come to those who actively seek them out. Like those anti-plastic pollution activists who were ahead of their time and refused (and still refuse) to give up their vision.

The power of the human mind…

The fabulous idea behind cosmic ordering is that, no matter how old you are, you should never give up on your dreams, according to the key proponent, Carolyn Boyes. And that’s fair enough, a good philosophy, for we all need our dreams and should do what we can to achieve them.

The term ‘Cosmic Ordering’ was originally coined by the new-age author, Barbel Mohr, who suggests that a closed mind rejects what the universe has to offer. I’m not sure how much the universe has to play in all this but the power of the human mind is indeed immense.

Certainly, the childlike and rather innocent belief that is needed to make ‘cosmic ordering’ happen must hold some appeal, for everyday fears and anxieties are put on the back burner.  It is also very uncluttered as ideas go, for you have to cast aside the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of everyday constraint and ‘think straight’. So, thought processes are involved, but they need to be approached systematically. When a desire is identified, we think of how to achieve it, like a mini project. We become the project managers, chasing progress, even if in a very minor way.

How does it work?

The theory of Cosmic Ordering, or ‘manifesting what you desire’ – I think –  works like this:

1. You decide what you want and when you want it – and you need to really want it.

2. You then announce your order to the universe, whether it be love, money, job, etc.

3. You do this in an open way without worry or concern – no suggestion that it will not happen.

4. You then tap into the ‘unified field’, a smidgeon of electromagnetism (bring on Einstein) that suggests our thoughts are creative and connected to the cosmos and each other.

5. You realise the vastness of infinite possibility. The sky is the limit, anything can happen….you open yourself to the possibility that it is there for the taking.

6. The universe – with some serious thinking/intention on your part and some even more serious action – makes it happen.

= success!

Making It Happen

Barbel Mohr, in her book “Cosmic Ordering for Beginners”  (2009) is into dream fulfilment. She suggests that if you expect everything in your life to be difficult, then it will be.

But if you ‘place an order’ for something, then your subconscious mind starts seeking opportunities to fulfil that order. Now, this I can get to grips with. Basically, when you want something badly enough, you open your eyes to it and see things to which you may have previously been blind. You look out for events, people, things, situations, that can help you achieve your aim, at the most subconscious level.

Cosmic ordering likes to draw upon quantum physics and interconnectedness. And it is when you develop a connection that you draw things you really want into your life. Rather like magic but actually primarily down to self. There’s an element of self-fulfilling prophecy about it.

Now, it might be said that people are more preoccupied with thought than action. Guilty as charged. I do an awful lot of thinking but rarely do I put those thoughts into action. Yet, it is the action that ultimately matters. So, this moves us onto the essential goal setting needed to achieve the outcome you desire, which is really what ‘cosmic ordering’ is all about. It is based around needs; thus, you must be able to identify these.


What Do I Need?

Mohr refers to Maslow’s (1954) hierarchy of needs, a study of human motivation based, at the time, upon the elite 1% of achievers in American society. It is something which most people surely know back to front and sideways by now but, just in case, the needs are (briefly):

Level 1 – basic physiological – survival.

Level 2 – safety and security, holding onto the past, the familiar. We become immobilised by this because it is easier – and sometimes better – to do nothing. No risks = no mistakes = no punishment.

Level 3 – social and affiliation needs – direct contact, communication, love and belonging.

and then, as she says, we reach the interesting higher order part…and in order to get there, levels 1-3 need to be resolved first.

Level 4 – self-esteem, striving for acknowledgement, power, status, validation, recognition, and self-respect which can only be mastered by clearly recognising the lower needs.

Level 5 – self-actualisation, which is crucial. “What a man can be, he must be”.

To actualise self through talents, goals, ideals and desires. This is what we do for pure enjoyment. Art, social, conscious, fun. love. This is realising our individual full potential, accomplishing all that one can, becoming the most that one can be. This is the missing part of the jigsaw dropping into place. Most people probably never get there.


If only….

A point Mohr makes is that people on the verge of death rarely regret what they have done; they invariably regret what they didn’t do. “If only I’d….”

So, what cosmic ordering does is to make people think that anything is possible, where there’s a will there’s a way, and that society/others will ultimately not get in the way of something you really want. Whether this is ordained by the cosmos is moot……..but the reality is, whatever you want in life, you won’t get it by sitting back, thinking of the problems and not even daring to go for it…….


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