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This Christmas, my gift to myself was some wonderful Time Passages astrological software. I’ve always been interested in astrology, so to have software which constructs a birth chart wheel and gives pointers for interpretation are a fabulous start for someone who likes to write about people. I’ve been impressed in the past by the quality of Time Passages interpretations.

My inner social scientist is not that interested in the predictive qualities of astrology, but more the personality traits it uncovers, which we can then use to maximise our potential – we all have some control over our actions and our life plans. Recently, to see how others in the field market theirs I signed up for an introductory astrological reading. I signed up twice using two identities. Sad to say, the precisely the same old baloney was returned to me in both ‘readings’. There is money to be made in exploiting the naive and vulnerable, sadly.

So, I can safely say that I claim no special psychic powers, and do not mislead people. However, my astrological personality reading will pertain to you and you only.

The technical detail is computer-generated but I will adjust and amend that to write about you in my own way. Therefore, it will be wholly appropriate to you. Introductory offer during January is £15, normally £20.

Order on the payments page but ensure you give your name, birthdate, place and time (where known) for greater accuracy. Reports are sent by email (as PDF documents).horoscope-639126__340


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