Breastfeeding ‘book’

Some years ago, I started writing a book about breastfeeding. This linked in with a baby theme for books I’ve previously co-written on labour and birth, stillbirth and neonatal death, and infertility and IVF.

It was a book I never quite finished, yet it has value so should not go to waste. I pondered what to do with all the research, interviews and information.

Now, I’ve decided to place it on the blog, making it password protected for a small/affordable fee (£2.00) for anyone who may find it useful. The book was sparked by poor breastfeeding rates in the UK, and my sociological curiosity about how something purportedly so natural can be problematised so much.

The book is not a ‘how to breastfeed’ tome but rather a look at where our infant feeding decisions are made or broken, which includes some material from parents, especially mothers, about their choices and, in some cases, their battles along the way.

In a rather new form of writing, the book is a work in progress, which is one of the superpowers of blog publishing.

It is complete in itself, but will be constantly updated as more information comes to light. I’m also very happy and keen to add in other parental experiences of breastfeeding, whatever they are, so if you have something to say, a story to tell, then please get in touch ( While not a stream of consciousness narrative, for it is not without structure, it can and will be updated as appropriate, a facility which is wonderful to have.

I hope readers derive benefit and enjoyment from the book.



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