What to expect from first session of writing group…

Writing is creative, and also requires courage. Joining a writing group is likewise.

Activity in a writing group is participatory.  It can be challenging to talk and expose your thoughts in front of comparative strangers, but as active learners, you will be wrestling with writing, testing techniques, meanwhile growing in confidence.

There is a balance. We should always learn from what others have written, fact or fiction.  When we read as writers, we think, do and reflect on. We will check out short writing exercises that you can revisit at home, and grasp some new ideas to play with.

Writing is fun but it can also be hard work to get it how you want.  So, hopefully, it is fun and enjoyment with a touch of graft.

We will start short and small, and you will be guided through.

Reading is imperative for writing. Read so you know what varieties of writing exist out there, what is interesting, what is dull, what is (as Stephen King says) “trite and what is fresh”. It doesn’t have to be classic literature.

Opening exercise: think about your favourite books and films, or even poems – why do they appeal so much? Work out, to you, what good writing is…



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