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Given so many people want to write, but so few actually manage to do it, I’m running some inexpensive, small, fun, informative but informal – and friendly – hands-on writing classes/groups in Bude this autumn.

I am a published author and a qualified teacher, with a first class degree in literature. I read an immense amount, I write a good deal (factual mainly, but some poetry and short stories) and also enjoy the vital editing (the bit most people hate!) that can make an average script first class.

We will cover:

  • some can – some won’t – the psychology of writing
  • reading as a writer 
  • writing prompts 
  • structuring your writing 
  • plot and characterisation 
  • editing your work 
  • writing a short story 

Classes will be held at Lynne’s art studio at The Wharf, Bude (times and dates to be arranged). If you are interested in receiving more details when ready, please get in touch.

If you need a bespoke personal service to help with your writing, please contact me.


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